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Which Slots Are Considered The Best Slots Games?

Which Slots Are Considered The Best Slots Games? This is a big debate amoungst slots lovers in landbased casinos and in online casinos. We know that there are more slot games than any other casino game and it’s the slots that get the most attention.

So, as we continue through this article we will be looking at the various online casino software providers and their slot games to try and determine which are the best slots games.

We will take two of the biggest providers of online casino games since the beginning and pit them against newer providers. Who has lasted the longest and which providers faded in to the background. We will also look at which of the best casinos use which software for their games. There will also be a Poll so you can cast your vote for favorite software.

Leading Online Casino Software Providers

Since being in this business for 12 years we have seen a lot of change in the way online casinos are run. When we came in to the business there were two leading software providers for online casinos; Microgaming and Playtech.

Back in the day online casinos ran on Playtech software or Microgaming software. The biggest names in casinos chose sides and the battle started. Which casinos were the front runners in the early days.

Casinos and Playtech:


Casinos and Microgaming:


Today you’ll be hard pushed to find a casino with only one software provider but they are still around. Take 32Red and Casino Tropez and a few others for example. In general you will find a multitude of games providers in most casinos. The more software the more likely of attracting new players.

Today you will still see Microgaming and Playtech in many casinos and sometimes you’ll see them in the same casino.

Online casinos have evolved and so have the regulations surrounding them. If you had a casino operating with Playtech you were not allowed to use Microgaming and so on. This really did restrict casinos from providing the cream of the crop games from both companies.

To be honest I was a Microgaming fan. I thought the games more interesting, better game play, better graphics and better titles although Playtech did have some really cool games there always seemed to be something lacking.

Slots are all much alike so it takes something extra special to stand out from the crowd. Slots are really one slot that has been re-invented time and time again. Add an extra reel or two, an extra payline or several or to hell with it, add 243 ways to win. Let’s go mental.

There are thousands of online casinos to choose from. Too many to start listing them and many of them blending in to the background with no substance to keep them in the foreground. There are some up and coming casinos that you can read about here: BEST SLOTS CASINOS.

Classic Playtech Slot Games:

Just like in a landbased casino Playtech created classic slot machines complete with lever that looked like the real thing. They also had the video slots which had bonus rounds, free spins and all sorts of cool features.

Classic Microgaming Slot Games:

Microgaming excelled at their video slots which included multiple special features and a whopping 243 ways to win. The animation was better and there was usually some adventure to complete. Slots and a video game came together under Microgaming.

Over the years more and more casinos appeared online and more casino games software companies started to pop up. Welcome to the new look online casino games. A few years back the SlotsKings team discovered a company called Betsoft Gaming providing games for a new casino. This took slot machines to a whole new level with 3D Slots. 3D animated slot games with interactivities and fun themes gave Playtech and Microgaming a run for their money and quickly became a hit with slots lovers.

Betsoft Gaming 3D Slot Games:

Playing Betsoft’s 3D slots is fun. The more you play the more you see and the more fun you have. You will be amazed by the quality of these slot games. You will usually find yourself having a little giggle to yourself while playing as the characters move and say things. This really was the next level of slot games. And still is.

Net Entertainment (NetEnt) Slots Games:

NetEnt entered the race and produce some fantasic 3D slots too. Similar to Betsoft, NetEnt took slots to another level and produce some of the best slots around. You will find it hard to beat the quality graphics, animation, features and fun of these awesome slot games.

There are many other casino games software companies out there with some fantasic games. Discover them for yourselves and let us know which slot games are your favorites.

In conclusion the best slot games are really a personal choice. Personally I’m a big fan of the video slot and especially the 3D slot games. I love the adventurous slot games that act like a video game in that you collect tokens and advance to another level to accumulate more coins and cash. There are some out there that love the old fashioned 3 reel, 1 payline penny slot games.

Now it’s your turn to tell us what you think.

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