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Progressive Slots - Win thousands to millions in one spin.

Welcome to our progressive slots page where we will show you how you could win $1m from one spin of a slots reel. Are we joking or is this just a clever marketing poly?

Every online casino has progressive games and slots are included in the progressive games label, mostly video slots. So, what does progressive games actually mean? Well, a progressive style slots is just like any other slot, it could be a classic slots or a video slot but every time someone plays, a percentage of each coin deposited is added to the jackpot. To be in with a chance of winning the jackpot you need to wager the maximum bet.

Everyone's dream is to walk in to a casino and drop the 'Big One' but the chances of winning a progressive jackpot are astonomically high. In our opinion it is best to stick to playing non progressive style slots or any other non progressive games.

OK. With that said and done let's take a cloer look at some progreassive slots.

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Words of Wisdom

If you enjoy receiving bonuses on your deposits then in most online casinos you will not be allowed to play progressive games with your bonus. Keep this in mind because if you play a progressive game with a bonus and you 'Drop the Big One' then you will be very disappointed as you will have played illegally and you will recieve nothing.

Progressive games can also come in the style of arcade games, video pokers and not just slots. So if winning huge jackpots is your thing then why not try a progressive style slot machine.

Before playing progressive games, check out the total in the jackpot. Give it a go if the numbers are big and leave it for a while if the numbers are low.

Progressive Games available from Microgaming Software

Progressive Slots Games

WIN $1,000,000 WITH ONE SPIN. This is something you will quite often see in online casinos and if you are a regular player you will know where these $1m slots are kept. These are the progressive slots which can net you anything from 10's of thousands of pounds, dollars of euros to $5,000,000 (£/€) in one lucky spin.

In order to be in with a chance to win these jackpots you will have to wager the maximum bet which can be pretty expensive. For a 20 line slot machine with a $50 max bet per line will cost you $1000 a spin but it could land you anything up to $5,000,000 so if you are a highroller then it is something to consider.

So why do progressive slots and other progressive games have such high jackpots? The reason is that a small percentage of each bet, by every person playing this game in each of many online casinos, is added to a common pot. When a player gets the right result, that player wins the entire Jackpot (in some games you can also win part of it).

What happens when the jackpot is won? Well, the jackpot does not go back to zero. After a Jackpot has been won, a new pot is started, with the casinos contributing a base amount of money (called a seed). This ensures that even if you get a Jackpot result in a game right after someone else has won the Jackpot, you will still get a large win.

Progressive Games available from Playtech Software

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