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Video Slots: The most played online casino slots games.

Welcome to our video slots page. In our opinion video slots are the most exciting of all online casino games. All those extra winning lines and features, you just can't go wrong with these exciting slots games. We gotta whole lotta information on video slots so don't go away!

In every online casino you will find video slots and the amount of video slots out number any other casino game you can think of. These delightful games will give you anything from 3 reels to 5 reels and 5 lines to 50 lines which gives players of these slots games a higher chance of winning some serious cash prizes.

Video Slots are the most played casino games in online casinos and are the most frequently games that are added to casinos on a regular basis.

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It's not often we like to send readers to another site but in this case we feel that some sites are worth mentioning especially if they have something that may interest our readers. We do what we like best and other sites do what they do best so, we would like to give a big mention to Street Slots who seem to specialize in video slots.

Streetslots.com is the place where online slots come alive with free slots games and a great array of online casinos to choose from. There are plenty of reviews and lots of up to date news items and articles to read and the site is well designed and easy to navigate.

If your favorite games are video slots then Streetslots.com is a great site to visit to get all the information on the latest video slots.

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Video Slots

Video style slots are exactly as the name states. They are slots in the form of video games and give you a greater chance of winning by having multiply winning lines as opposed to the classic internet casino slot with 1 winning line. With most of the video style slots you can get up to 25 or 50 winning lines giving you a tremendous chance of winning on nearly every spin. Of course you won't win on every spin but you have a higher chance of winning on video style slots than on your classic online slots.

These slots come in all forms with some of the slots giving you bonus rounds or free spins or both. They really boost your chances of winning that little bit extra and are very popular in online casinos. If you get a chance check them out.

The attraction to video slots is strong and with the increased chances of winning due to the extra features in the game. With up to 50 winning lines on some video slot games the chances of spinning a win are hugely increased and attract alot of interest from players.

Your average video slot will have around 20 to 25 winning lines and features include free spin symbols, bonus round symbols and multiplier symbols so, on top of the extra winning lines there are added symbols on the reels that again increase you winning chances.

We will be looking closer in to the bonus rounds on our bonus slots page to show you how these features work.

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